4.10. Accessing Paytrail account delivery address information

Once the authorization with deliveryAddress access is confirmed, Paytrail account delivery address information can be retrieved while the authorization is valid. The delivery address information could be used e.g. to prefill order forms in webshops.

Example 4.16. GET /connectapi/authorizations/{id}/deliveryAddresses

HTTP Status Codes

200: On successfully retrieving delivery address array, even an empty one

404: Authorization is not yet confirmed or is invalidated or has no deliveryAddress access

Table 4.6. Return value

deliveryAddressesarray of structsarray of JSON structs containing the delivery addresses which the owner of the Paytrail account has verified in their account settings.
phonestringPhone number associated with the Paytrail account
emailstringEmail address associated with the Paytrail account

Response body
    deliveryAddresses: [
            "firstName": string,
            "lastName": string,
            "street": string,
            "postalCode": string,
            "postalOffice": string,
            "country": string
    "phone": string,
    "email": string

Example 4.17. Example HTTP Request

GET /connectapi/authorizations/AXJD28237XSDHJS18928/deliveryAddresses HTTP/1.1
Timestamp: 2012-12-31T12:00:00+02:00
Content-MD5: ubewX5M7uzz64zskr7FThQ==
Authorization: PaytrailConnectAPI 13466:/YT5YGOUA17wK6qSeyQyrLqcGsUKflRkeWu/2q7NI2g=

Example 4.18. Example HTTP Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "deliveryAddresses": [
            "firstName": "Emma",
            "lastName": "Example",
            "street": "Lutakonaukio 7",
            "postalCode": "40100",
            "postalOffice": "Jyväskylä",
            "country": "FI"
    "phone": "3584011111111",
    "email": "emma.example@paytrail.com"