Chapter 4. Paytrail Connect API

Table of Contents

4.1. Service availability
4.2. Service description
4.3. Interface description
4.3.1. Service location
4.3.2. REST Authentication
4.4. Authorization request
4.5. Confirming authorization
4.6. Charging a payment with a confirmed authorization
4.7. A1 Payment data specification
4.8. Receiving notification of a completed payment
4.9. Retrieving payment status
4.10. Accessing Paytrail account delivery address information
4.11. Deleting and invalidating an authorization
4.12. Sequence diagrams

4.1. Service availability

Paytrail Connect API is available for merchants that have an active Paytrail account agreement. If you encounter any problems during the API integration, don't hesitate to contact our technical support at .


Testing Paytrail Connect API is done using each merchant's own credentials. There are no separate test credentials for Connect API. The payments are made with real cards and real money, but it is possible to refund them in the Merchant's Panel after testing.